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What is love?

"Pyaar Dosti Hai"

"Love is just stumbling through life with your best friend"

And we dont know about you but the way we see it, a night with your best friend is incomplete without a whole lot of binging!

Our date night box is a curation of some of our best treats:

Double chocolate crinkle cookies
Brownie bites (contains egg)
Chocolate chip cookies (contains egg)
Butter cookies
Tiny breadsticks
Vanilla madeleines
Assorted tiny bread knots
Tiny herbed breadsticks


Chocolate ganache
Salted caramel
Strawberry jam
Pesto butter

TTT tip: This is one day when you can score "brownie" points with your partner, make sure not to mess it up by taking the last bite. Just don't be greedy, it's the little things that matter!