Q. Do you use any preservatives?
A. No, we don't. All our products are preservative free
Q. If there are no preservatives, how long do your products last?
A. Each of our products has a different shelf life. However, all the products that don't come under the fresh baked section last at least upto 2 months when still sealed if not more. We advise you to consume them within 3-4 days of opening.
Q. Do you deliver outside of Bombay?
Q. Is it safe to consume if I'm lactose intolerant?
A. No unfortunately (or fortunately) almost all our products contain milk/butter. The only product thats completely dairy free are the Tiny Meringues
Q. Where can i buy your tubs
A. You can shop our products online. We deliver Pan India
Q. Can I order on your website
A. Thought you'd never ask. Shop here
Q. How many days will my order take to arrive
A. Your order will arrive within 2-3 working days 
Q. Do you do bulk orders
A. Yes of course we do, contact us to know more
Q. Do you do personalised orders/gift hampers
A.YES. We do and we absolutely love making hampers. you can get in touch with us  here  and we'll see if we can make it the way you want it